[bct] Re: Sweat Lodge Seramonies

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  • Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 07:50:12 -0400

I talked to Will yesterday, and I completely agree with him.  We'll let Will 
submit some podcasts that enlighten us about the native American culture, and I 
for one, look forward to learning.

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  Hi every one, Will Kitto here.
  Regarding the sweat lodge ceremony that Larry is going to attend, it is 
forbidden to record them, as they are a saeckrit seramony.

  As menny of you know, I'm a Santee Sioux Indian, and my Uncle and Cousin are 
meddisin men, and I really pleed for Larry to not record this sweat, because if 
he does, nothing but bad luck will happen to him.
  I really don't want to see this happen to him as I know him to be a very 
wonderfull man, and I would sure hate to see any thing bad happen to him or his 

  As I'm writing this to the list, I'm praying for the leeder of this sweat, it 
is my hope that he isn't in it for any kind of fighnanchill gain, as that not 
permitted as well, because nothing good will come of it.
  I'm sarri to dampin anyones hope for a pod cast on this serimony, plees 
believ me when I say that I know what I know I'm talking about.

  If any of you on the list would to know any more on the subject, catch me in 
the conference room, or get ahold of me on skype, my user name is 
  thanks for taking the time to reed this. 
  Will Kitto

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