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My brother and I once were trying to figure out what different phone numbers spelled, and we came up with some very interesting ones! Our parents' number spells All One Elks. Sorry, I'm not giving out their number on list. Another number we tried spelled out HEADKWI, whatever that is. There's even a phone line called Pilgrim Telephone, the number of which spells something not worth repeating here, but I would've thought that they'd just use the letters P-I-L-G-R-I-M.
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The Bat-list?!

Hmm...isn't 843 a Carolina area code? I'm gonna have to look now!

The best phone number i ever had was (214) RAT-BARN. Unfortunately, I haven't had a phone number that's spelled anything in ages.
On Nov 20, 2005, at 8:08 AM, Dana Niswonger wrote:

Hi Friends:
It seems most of our world is going alpha through numeric. I have myself only recently learned to spell on the telephone dial. I was having a bit of fun with Lynette last night and it gave me an idea. Below is a telephone number someone should have if it is possible. Not being familiar with area codes through out the country any longer, I'm not sure whom should have it but here it comes. For the winner of my little contest, the privilege of being interviewed via telephone on my first pod cast, lol!
Ready? (843) 228-5478
Good luck and remember, have fun!

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