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  • From: "David Tanner" <david-tanner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 19:51:31 -0600

Thanks, I'll be checking out Web Braille tomorrow.  Meantime, I am going to see 
how well things come out taking a Grade 2 file and back translating it with 
Kurzweil1000, which was something I had not thought of until today.

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: David, i know NlS has a few things, a very few that are in grade 1 and 1 and 
: a half.  I really don't know if web braille has any of that, but wondered if 
: you had looked.  otherwise, if you want it electronically, you may have to 
: actually type it yourself.  Another thought i had.  You can change the 
: preferred reading grade under the options menu in the Braille Note.   All 
: the messages will appear in grade 1 as well as text files.  Files written in 
: grade 2 will still appear in grade 2.  So, if you can find something in text 
: form from the public domain or something this will come out in grade 1.  A 
: good example might be Robert Louis Stevenson's a Child's Garden of Verses. 
: It's a simple child's book, but old enough that you can find it in the 
: public domain.  If you want, i can send it to you as an attachment.  Here 
: are instructions for changing the preferred reding grade.
: Press space with o for the options menu, press b for braille display 
: options.  move through the options until you get to preferred reading grade, 
: press a for grade 1.  press space with e to exit.  Hope that helps you a 
: bit.
: Jenny

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