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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 21:07:45 -0800

Have you checked web Braille?


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I am working with a deaf blind man who is a very limited Braille user. Well, let's say he can read about two words a minute in Grade 1 Braille. He had someone from Humanware talk him into buying a BrailleNote PK, and now he hardly can do anything with it because his Braille is so slow. He would like me to find some simple childrens books in Grade 1 that he could read on his BrailleNote to practice improving his Braille speed.

Look folks I am not a Braille instructor, but I know that my Braille reading speed improved greatly when I started using my Braille Lite 40 every day, and reading Star Trek books in Braille.

So, any one with any ideas where I could find some books for him that I could put on a memory card and he could read them on his BrailleNote PK?

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