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Greetings Mary.
Your USB headset/microphone should be registered within windows as
another sound device. If you go to the settings dialog (from inside the
options menu), there's an option to change your recording source.
Arrow down the combo box until you find your microphone/headset
(sometimes, it's named fairly cryptically). If it doesn't show up as a
selectable device, well, we'll get to that later. *smiles*
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Hi all,
I'm on the Studio recorder list but haven't gotten the usual welcome
note yet so thought I would send my question here.
I notice that my USB mike won't work and there doesn't seem to be a way
to use anything except a mike plugged into the sound card's mike jack.
Is there a work-around for this? If not, I guess the best option is a
headset mike or get a mike pre-amp.
Thanks - 

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