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  • From: "Maria" <malyn87@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:39:03 -0500

MessageYeah, try $450.  I got it for someone's birthday some time back and 
that's what they charged.


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  From: Frank Lizarde 
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  25 dollars for Sound Forge?
  No no no!
  It costs much more than that.
  At least add another zero!
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    From: Brent Harding 
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    I love the beta, but don't see what it would do that just paying $25 for 
sound forge won't. I use it mostly for clipping commercials off of TV and radio 
I record before I listen to it.

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      From: Neal Ewers 
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      Subject: [bct] Studio Recorder podcast

      Wow! I keep being more and more impressed with what Rob is doing with 
Studio Recorder.  I just may have to put down my money and be totally confused 
trying to remember if I am in Sound Forge or Studio Recorder.

      One of the very nice features, there are many, is the faders.  As Sound 
Forge people know, if you want to create really complex fades that do not 
happen to be in the preset fades, you have to have sighted help running the 
silly computer mouse along and trying to operate a graph.  You should listen to 
what the Studio Recorder guru has done to make this easier.

      Rob, I do have one question, well at least one, but I'll save others for 
later.  In your normalize and compression routine, if you normalize to say plus 
5, do you get to control anything about the compression such as attack and 
release time, or is it simply using a default value?

      Also, do you have to own the product to download the beta version.  If 
you do, I thought i remembered that there was a trial version one could try for 
a few days.  Is the trial version the new version you described in the podcast?

      thanks for a lot of good work.  No wonder we haven't heard from you on 
the list for a wile.

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