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  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:57:16 -0600

MessageYeah, I use goldwave's hiss removal, still running it unregistered 
pretty much to use that as a file converter, splitter, merger, or noise 
reducer. I find if I split an hour file into 5 minute segments, the noise 
reducing goes much quicker, then merge back together. Winamp goes mad on files 
longer than an hour, so there's where cue points and splitting come in.

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  Brent, you make a good point.  And now that Dan has found both Sound forge 
and the noise reduction plug in for even less, it is quite appealing.  The 
noise reduction plug in in Sound Forge is quite good, however, with all such 
modules, you can try to do to much at one time and introduce unwanted results 
that sound rather like sampling rate problems.  This is especially noticeable 
in breath sounds if you are recording a narration and taking out too much 
noise.  But there are a number of options in the sound forge Noise plug in that 
help minimize this.  One of the things I find appealing about Studio Recorder 
is the recent things they have done to the fade option.  I don't remember what 
Rob called it but it was the ability to not only set a db level to a fade but a 
percentage value.  This gives the user much the same control that sighted 
people would have over drawing an envelop for a graphic fade.  What's nice 
about sound forge though, is that you can do some of these graphic things with 
the keyboard and in any case, however you set it up, you can save it as a 
preset with the name of your choice so you won't have to ever set it up again.  
They are both very nice products with Sound forge being the most advanced but 
Studio Recorder perhaps being the most accessible.  I will say, however, that 
the Snowman scripts make sound forge quite accessible as well, but not to the 
same degree, perhaps, as Studio Recorder.



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    No, I was saying add $25 to the price of studio recorder and you could have 
Sound Forge with CD architect and noise reduction for $225 I think on a site. 
If I was going to buy a sound editor why shouldn't I go with Sound Forge with 
such a little price difference? I wonder if that noise reduction is better than 
goldwave as my TV tuner card is real noisy. The noise is a lot like tape hiss 
with a little bit of crackle pop mixed in. I am pretty sure that the card 
introduces this in as the tuner is part of my video card.

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      25 dollars for Sound Forge?
      No no no!
      It costs much more than that.
      At least add another zero!
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        I love the beta, but don't see what it would do that just paying $25 
for sound forge won't. I use it mostly for clipping commercials off of TV and 
radio I record before I listen to it.

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          Wow! I keep being more and more impressed with what Rob is doing with 
Studio Recorder.  I just may have to put down my money and be totally confused 
trying to remember if I am in Sound Forge or Studio Recorder.

          One of the very nice features, there are many, is the faders.  As 
Sound Forge people know, if you want to create really complex fades that do not 
happen to be in the preset fades, you have to have sighted help running the 
silly computer mouse along and trying to operate a graph.  You should listen to 
what the Studio Recorder guru has done to make this easier.

          Rob, I do have one question, well at least one, but I'll save others 
for later.  In your normalize and compression routine, if you normalize to say 
plus 5, do you get to control anything about the compression such as attack and 
release time, or is it simply using a default value?

          Also, do you have to own the product to download the beta version.  
If you do, I thought i remembered that there was a trial version one could try 
for a few days.  Is the trial version the new version you described in the 

          thanks for a lot of good work.  No wonder we haven't heard from you 
on the list for a wile.

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