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I am so excited about the new studio recorder!  I love to mix voice on voice, 
and when I was little, I would use two different tape recorders, because 
neither one I used had a mic jack, and I would sing and then harmonize over it 
by switching out the tapes.  Granted, it wasn't very good, but it was for the 
fun of it that I did it.  I thought I was so cool, because I created various 
scenarios, such as, I'd just say a bunch of different things totally unrelated 
to each other, creating a jumble of voices and then a few seconds into this 
jumble of voices, I would layer another "me" on top of that and pretend I was a 
teacher and tell everyone to be quiet.  I produced my own solo shows, but for 
me, that was fun.  Besides, when you're 6, 7, you think anything you do that 
seems beyond your small mental scope is cool.
Of course, I'd play it for family and they'd think I was nuts, and maybe I am, 
but hey, it was fun being nuts.  <grin>

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  Hello out there...

  I'm in editing heaven.  Wow!  I downloaded the Studio Recorder beta and I'm 
really enjoying the process.  It's magnificent not to have to see anything
  More to come!


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