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I just downloaded Studio recorder tonight and read the manual.  Hopefully
next time I do a submission, even if I use the Olympus DS2 I will be able to
edit it.  I don't know if my USB headset and microphone will work with it or
not, I have never used the microphone, even though I did attend one of the
talking community from the C-sun conference last march, I just listened.  

This headset was an answer for me on a different computer where all the
jacks were on the back where I could not reach easily and if I plugged in
earphones it cut out the speakers.  My husband returned to school last
December and finding this made it easier for me to plug and unplug, and even
though I am now using a different computer, I keep using them to listen.  

Rose Combs

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Hi Lois.

It sure will do music.  Its intended purpose, of course, is spoken word
content, but it records anything and makes it easy to edit.

>>> al419@xxxxxxxxxxx Sunday, November 20, 2005 4:23:24 PM >>>
Does Studio Recorder do okay with music?  I don't mean  will it  please an
expert audiophile.  I know that's not it's intended purpose.  It looks neat.

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