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  • Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 22:55:13 -0600

I would get a copy of the Goldwave software from www.goldwave.com.  Open the 
file in Goldwave and then resave the file as a WAV file.  Then you can take it 
into Studio Recorder and edit to your heart's content.  I doubt that you would 
even need to purchase Goldwave in order to do this on a fairly regular basis.

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:I never did get an answer to my Studio Recorder question.  
: How do I convert files recorded on the Olympus DS2 to a format I can use in
: Studio recorder?  
: Rose Combs
: rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx 
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: Hello out there...
: I'm in editing heaven.  Wow!  I downloaded the Studio Recorder beta and I'm
: really enjoying the process.  It's magnificent not to have to see anything
: More to come!
: Lynnette

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