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See my answers  interspersed within your original questions.

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I have read about Studio Recorder, and am considering geting it.  I read
that it was originally designed to be used internally at APH for digitizing
books.  Can an average user who wants to do speaking recordings use this

Absoltely. It is awesome.

I was considering using it to record the intros and other speaking parts of
my podcasts.
I also have to do a lot of reading on tape for my volunteer job.  I recently
had the idea to digitize all things I read so I can archive them in case we
need to use them in the future.  Would Studio Recorder allow me to do this,
or should I just use Sound Forge? 

The only thing I would use Sound Forge for today is adding effects such as
reverb and doing noise reduction if that were necessary.

One thing I have discovered about SoundForge, unless I'm missing something
is you can't insert data in a recording unless you create a new file, record
the data, find the spot in your original file where the data goes, and then
paste the data there.
Can I take files that are in WMA which is what my WS320M recorder creates
and edit them and save them as a MP3 file?

You would need to convert the WMA file to Wav in order to edit it. You can
then export the file to MP3.

Will Studio Recorder work with USB microphones?


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