[bct] Streaking with binaural mikes

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Well Dan, you would be happy to know that most people we researched
debunked the clothing theory.  We sat 40 people down and played them 2
true binaural files exactly the same other than the fact that one file
was recorded with only a dummy head and the other had a body attached
and had clothing on.  We played them the two files 3 times and mixed up
which came first.  At the end of the tests, we took off the clothing,
disconnected the head and decided a dummy head looked strange enough in
front of a concert hall, not to mention one with a body and clothing.
No one could really tell the difference.  So, go ahead and streak.  Just
make sure you record it for a podcast.


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What?  The body needs to be wearing clothing?  And here, I was
recreating the streaking craze of the late sixties and turning it into a

podcast.  Darn!

Oh well, back to the drawing boards...

Don't look, Ethyl...but it was too late, she got a free shot... 

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