[bct] Re: Strangeness with Archos

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  • Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 19:48:35 -0800

The only thing I can think of is upgrading your rockbox. Are you using the
latest version?

I don't have the FM recorder; I have the oldest one, the 10GB version of the
original Archos jukebox recorder.

Actually just to be correct, it is my husband's but he kind of got borred
with it so he told me to go ahead and put rock box on it and play with it.
Anyway though, I've never had this problem. Are you "playing recordings
back" by transferring them to the P
C via usb?


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I believe Debee has this same unit and maybe some others who can offer
suggestions what might be going on with my Archos FM Recorder.

Twice now, I have been able to make recordings off the mic or line-in or
from the radio.  The file shows on the Archos and also in Media Player.  I
can play the recording by connecting to the PC in Media Player, but not on
the Archos.  Even a file I had made recording line-in would not play until I
reset the unit.  Then everything worked as normal.  The battery level seemed

Any idea what could be going on here.  I have had this since the summer with
no such problem.

Thanks for ideas!

Eric SS

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