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  • From: "Don Ball" <dball10@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 10:50:57 -0500

just goes to show people need productive work so there minds won't go a strayin.
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  From: Larry Skutchan 
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  Subject: [bct] Stop Stop Stop

  This is very interesting, and shows us something else about what we all need 
to know about the internet and email.

  In addition to the bogus messages  proportidly from Darrell and Don, now, 
there are some from me. 

  I will now have to do something that I have never had to do in all my years 
of computing.  I will remove this person from the list.  I thought about just 
asking him to quit, but he has already violated the policies of his ISP, good 
edequite, and is possibly creeping into some federal violations about 

  I hope you all will use this as a chance to educate yourself about installing 
software from unknown sources and reading anything on the internet with some 

  It is pretty easy, in this case, to recognize that the "from" field is the 
person he wants to impersonate's email address rather than the normal name you 
usually see from the real poster, but it would be just as easy to impersonate 
that as well.

  I believe I will take legal action if anymore of this happens.

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    Subject: [bct] Re: My Apologies About Audio Magic

    Hello all,

    Darrell is correct, this software does not do harm to your computer from 
what I've found so far. Keep up the great work Daniel!

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