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Jamie, may we all live long and prosper! Spock was always my favorite character, but I like Tuvok also; not sure if the spelling is right. Did you know he's black? I think Benjamin Cisco was too, although I thought he was Latino, judging from his name, but that shows I never guess right. I just find it interesting that they finally got some captains who were women and other nationalities in the various series; in fact, one of the most fascinating parts of the Star Trek phenomenon was when they had the people who lived symbiotically with another species; the Trill I think they were; and when the host died, the symbiot entered into another host who could have been the opposite sex, so you had the new host who could have been a woman, but the previous host could have been a man and married. And the symbiot had the memories of all the hosts it had inhabited. Interesting, not to mention huge families going back for generations...

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