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Hi Mary,

Yes the system was completly redone for the ground up wien the new board and 
processor were put in.



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Have you re-installed your system from the ground up? Maybe a Windows driver
is corrupted. If I recall correctly, you can re-install Windows without
re-formatting the hard drive; I did this a couple years ago when a driver
got corrupted. Of course, the catch is that you'd have to re-install all the
Windows updates, probably including the latest service packs. But your data
would still be on the drive since you wouldn't have erased the non-Windows

It's drastic, but not as drastic as re-installing from scratch, and I've
done that too.

Are you sure the memory sticks are the correct variety for your machine? Did
you check the machine's manual?

Sad to say, my experience with AMD hasn't been too good; I haven't generally
found AMD processors to work too well; once, about ten years ago,  I had one
that had a clock that lost 23 hours out of each 24-hour day.
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