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I have one of those Sharp EL 640 units, and when you press the decimal key fast you can make it rap.
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I don't remember who on the list was counting words the calculator would
say, perhaps it was something I read on the web site, but I have another
one to add.  If you press the four key and then quickly press the Root
key, the calculator will say Fruit.  Now, go ahead.  Tell me I have way
too much time on my hands.  Actually back then, we all marveled at what
speech could do and did our best to figure out all the quirks.


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Wow, I kinda get nostalgic here. I can remember the speech plus. We had a couple of those in school. We used to play with the start/volume button and made the speech plus go haywire emitting strange and, so we thought, funny noices and half words.:) /Krister

Neal Ewers wrote:
Actually, I still have mine and it still works.  For those who are not
as old as the planet like I am and who may not know this, the
keys were designed like a telephone keypad and not the normal


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