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Speaking of restaurants, this really happened to me; it was awful at the
time, but funny now.  I was eating with some friends at the Out Back steak
house and had ordered the Victoria's Fillet.

The manager came over to our table and I felt he was looking right at me
when he asked, "well, how's Viki treating you?"

I thought he was being cutsie, referring to the Victoria's Fillet I was
eating and responded, "Best piece of meat I ever had."

"Well buddy," he said angrily.  "She happens to be one of our best

Well, the more I stammered about confusing the woman with the steak, the
worse I made it; it was crazy.


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I had one of the speech Plus calculators.  One funny story I had with mine
comes to mind.  
My mother's name is Flora Mae, but everyone calls her Flo.  She had just
recently gotten remarried when I got the calculator. and while we were at
her house my husband started putting in digits and told the family he knew
where Earl's favorite place was, then he turned up the calculator so it
would say "over flow."  Poor man was so embarrassed but every one was
hooting with laughter.  
The second incident may but I hope does not offend anyone.  
We met with friends at a local restaurant and had brought along the
calculator.  One person at the table was pressing buttons and kept on
hitting the clear button just as our waiter approached the table.  He really
got upset, said someone at the table was calling him a "queer" He threatened
to have us removed.  We had to show him the calculator and insist he push
the "clear button" before he would believe that we were not calling him
It was a bit embarrassing but we all laugh about it today.  

Rose Combs

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Actually, I still have mine and it still works.  For those who are not as
old as the planet like I am and who may not know this, the calculator keys
were designed like a telephone keypad and not the normal calculator

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