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I suppose they want the noise to help make things realistic. Voice dial on cell phones never seems to work real well when on the bus because it is likely you recorded the tag at home, you need that bus noise to get the best result to recognize stuff like that.

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That's fascinating about the various types of speech synthesis. During the last few years of my working life, I participated in activities in which I contributed to a data base of vocal phrases collected to assist in development of speech recognition technology. I don't know what products resulted from it, but what I did was fairly simple: dial a phone number, and read from a list of a few hundred phrases. Near the end, I couldn't be a participant because the requirement was to be driven around in a car for an hour or so, reading phrases into a cell phone, and I don't have a cell phone and didn't know anyone who wanted to drive me around in heavy city traffic for that long. Also near the end, the people running the project wanted people with accents, especially from places outside the USA, to participate.


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