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Won't jaws have to be within the first 4? What if the adapter won't go within those limits?

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Hi Dan,

I'm behind in reading all the traffic on this list, but I thought I'd
respond to your question about com ports and usb to serial adapters.  In my
experience, once you install a usb to serial adapter, you need to go to
system properties and device manager and look at the entries under ports.
My usb to serial adapter shows up there along with the com port to which it
has been assigned.  You can then plug in that com port number in the
synthesizer setup area of your screen reader.  Under certain circumstances
it can also be necessary to go into the properties for the usb entry under
ports and adjust the default baud rate, etc.


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I am fond of the Dectalk, too, but cannot figure out how to use my Dectalk Express on my laptop. It is hard to route com1 to one of the usb ports, it would seem. The Express I have is not a usb model, but I have a usb to serial adapter for it, hoping it would work, but no dice.


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