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MessageHi Darren,
On the bop it web site it states 500 is the maximum for the blast.

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  I Think that it would be way over 200 because the first one would only go 
that high. I think this new one is something like 400 or something.

  Who knows, maybe I'll let ya know one day hahahha. Unless that is, if ya beet 
me to it! *grin*

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    Hy Darran I liked your Review of the Bopit blast, but as a gamer with quick 
reflexes I could probably beat 200 if that is the maximum score.  They should 
not have a limit as to how mutch you can score, but thats the way it is I 
guess.  On the subject of carrying hot liquids I just pick up the mug and make 
a hasty retrete for the desired tragectory and hope for the best.
    From: Riz

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