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It's out now; it's also always in beta so people can try it but it's been
released for a long time. 

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hi, you should try the studio  recorder, i love it
that's a softwhere i'll be getting     when it's out .
you can get it from 
it's what  i need.  try it out. take care Kerry Calderon Trinidad west
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        Hi, vince;
        No, it isn't that accessible, and I've just been playing around with
it until I can get some proper recording equipment. I think I'll give up on
Sound Recorder for now. Thanks.

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                Hi Jamie,
                I take it you mean the Windows Sound Recorder? I've used it
occasionally to merge some WAV fiels, or edit sounds to use in Windows,
though nothing long-winded.
                It isn't wildly accessible, I suppose, but you might have
some technology that helps. 
                What do you need to know?

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                        Subject: [bct] Sound Recorder

                        Hi guys,
                        Does anyone know anything about using Sound
Recorder? I know it's a pretty simple program, but I just want to do some
experimenting and things. I can't seem to turn up the volume control after
I've recorded something. I've turned up the volume in the Control pannel of
windows, and the line-in volume as well, but nothing seems to work. Any help
using Sound Recorder would be appreciated. Thanks



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