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Larry, I do not know the answer.  I don't know anyone who is using that
version of Sound Forge.  Sorry for not having the answer.


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Do we know for sure if the sound forge scripts work with the studio 
version of 8.0?
It was assumed that they might not work, but I don't remember if 
anyone ever posted the answer.
At 03:25 PM 5/31/2006, you wrote:
>Hi, I just got a question from someone who was having a terrible
>time getting the snow man scripts for Sound Forge to work.  There 
>are a lot of possible scenarios, but I want to mention two things 
>that might help.
>1.  Make sure you train the scripts.  hold down alt plus control,
>plus shift, plus T.  I know, a person needs three hands.  Tab to the 
>OK button and press enter.  You will hear some tones and then is 
>should say that the scripts have been trained.
>2.  Go into the View menu and uncheck the playback monitor if it is
>checked.  This often causes things to work a lot more smoothly.
>I hope these help someone.

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