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Hi all, suggestion that really helps people who get hundreds of messages
each day.  Please do not have the subject be about sound forge and the
message be about gold wave.  That way, people have to open the message
read it and discover that it is not at all what the subject says it is
about.  And for those who don't think this is a bother, I hope you never
have to sort through 500 messages per day plus working mostly full time
on other things.  I mean no offense, but it is one of the things that
may mean I have to leave the list.  This message sounds like I am angry
when I read it back.  I'm not, just trying to help us organize busy
lives.  By the way, I intentionally left the subject as it was, but feel
free to change subjects if you want to talk about something else.


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On Wed, 31 May 2006 20:01:56 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi, all. I realize that this is a slightly different topic, but is more

>less relevant. I downloaded the goldwave scripts described in Rick's 
>goldwave tutorial, and have copied them to my JFW directory. However,
>scripts do not load when I run goldwave; insert Q informs me that the 
>default settings are loaded. I've checked several times, and the
>seem to be properly named. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

They may be properly named but not properly located.  The best thing to
do when installing new scripts is to go to the Programs | JAWS menu and
find the option that opens Windows Explorer in the directory where
personally added scripts go, then paste them in there.

The other problem might be that they need to be compiled.  Since that's
very off-topic, write me off-list if you need some help with that aspect
of this.

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