[bct] Re: Sound Forge 8 manuals on my ftp site. Read message

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 20:51:11 -0600

No, No, No, if he is ill, he will just stay in bed longer.  Just think
of the manuals he will go through.


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Larry, you are ill!  <huge smile>
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> Great, thanks Neal.  Now, I can take this manual to bed with me 
> tonight and feel whole and complete.  Scoot over Liz, there's no room 
> for you in here--I've got my SF manual now!!!
>>>> neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tuesday, March 07, 2006 9:27:23 AM >>>
> OK, the manuals are there.  However, I will warn you about the html 
> file.  I cannot get it to open even without JAWS running.  I'm not 
> sure if it's just too large and that there is very little coding or 
> what, but
> it hangs up my computer when I try to open it.  The Word file and the
> Txt file open fine.
> Larry wanted to know how I got an unprotected Manual.  Well, I bribed 
> them with some of Dan's scotch, so Dan, it's time to pay up.  Actually

> Sonic Foundry, and now Sony, is quite good about doing this for people

> who are blind.  In general, Sony can't be bothered with such a lowly 
> request, but there are
> still enough of my old buddies that used to work for Sonic Foundry,
> which is right down the street, that they are sensitive to our
> requests.
> So, if any of you have older versions, I would call them up and see if
> you could get a manual.  Just don't tell them that I have spread the
> other one around.  It's only supposed to be for people who are blind
> and
> they may not like it that I made it available to anyone who happens to
> come along to my ftp site.
> The number for Sony Digital Pictures who now owns Sound Forge is 800 
> 577 6642
> Perhaps I'll try Larry's trick and take the manual to bed with me 
> tonight.  I have a funny feeling my wife may have something to say 
> about my cuddling with my BookPort.
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