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That's really interesting.
Jamie D.
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Actually, sleep helps people integrate and consolidate information. That is,
when you fall asleep your brain is shuffling information around in and out
of working memory. Your brain is trying to make sense of it all as if it
were digesting the information by taking the puzzle pieces of your problem
and putting them together to make a sensible picture. This is why you often
hear people like Saantiago Ramon Y Cajal (discoverer of cerebral cortical
circuitry and structures and how exercising them can result in intellectual
growth), Otto Levy the discoverer of how neurotransmitters such as
acetylcholine innervate brain cells and muscles of the human body, and Burt
Rutan who's discovery of a "feather" made the first privately owned
spaceship travel into space last year. All these men spent a large part of
their lives finding solutions to their problems, but it wasn't until one
night they were woken by the solution then fell back asleep. In the morning
they couldn't remember the solution but luckily some of these people either
wrote it down or they had the dream once again within a few days. I'm sure
this has happened to many of you but you didn't think much to write anything
down or record ideas such as I do with my pocket recorder near my bed. You'd
be surprised how much your dream generated thoughts can give you answers.
Please, please don't anyone take these accounts to mean that there are
ancestors, guardian angels, or some forces in some 10th dimension that are
giving us answers in our dreams--the middle ages and its magical thinking
are long gone. These people had extensive knowledge and expertise in their
field of study, it just so happened that their dreams helped them sort then
consolidate their thoughts to come up with a solution.


J Garcia
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I too listen to manuals in bed. There's some research that indicates
clearly remember the last thing heard or read when falling to sleep, and
me it is certainly true.

So if I am struggling with a new concept or learning a new device or
software program, I always read the documentation as I drift off. Next day
need to rewind to where I last remembered, but after repeating that
nights, I usually retain more of what I read than at any other time of


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