[bct] Re: Sound Forge 8 manuals on my ftp site. Read message

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Daveed, no, this number is for Sony Pictures Digital.  They purchased
Sound Forge from Sonic Foundry and although there may be a few people
who still work out of the Madison office, I don't know any of the people
who are still there.  With all the who purchases what and who supports
what, it's hard to know if you are talking to someone just down the
street, or if they are in California.  Fortunately, Sony Pictures
Digital seems not to be outsourcing as much as some other companies.
Sony, in general, however, well, that's another story, but then, 
Sony is a Japanese company anyway.


used to work 

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Does this number put folks in touch with the people in Madison--that is,

your buddies who used to work for Sonic Foundary?  Thanks. --Daveed--At
06:27 AM 3/7/2006, you wrote:

>OK, the manuals are there.  However, I will warn you about the html
>file.  I cannot get it to open even without JAWS running.  I'm not sure
>it's just too large and that there is very little coding or what, but
>hangs up my computer when I try to open it.  The Word file and the Txt 
>file open fine.
>Larry wanted to know how I got an unprotected Manual.  Well, I bribed 
>with some of Dan's scotch, so Dan, it's time to pay up.  Actually Sonic

>Foundry, and now
>Sony, is quite good about doing this for people who are blind.  In 
>general, Sony can't be bothered with such a lowly request, but there
>still enough of my old buddies that used to work for Sonic Foundry,
>is right down the street, that they are sensitive to our requests.  So,
>any of you have older versions, I would call them up and see if you
>get a manual.  Just don't tell them that I have spread the other one 
>around.  It's only supposed to be for people who are blind and they may

>not like it that I made it available to anyone who happens to come
>to my ftp site.
>The number for Sony Digital Pictures who now owns Sound Forge is 800 
>577 6642
>Perhaps I'll try Larry's trick and take the manual to bed with me
>tonight.  I have a funny feeling my wife may have something to say
>my cuddling with my BookPort.
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