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Greetings Lynnette.
With your focus in the music file's window, go to the process menu (alt
+ p), then press v for volume. If you want to decrease volume, choose
the -6 DB preset. Choose the +6 DB preset to do the inverse. Note that
tabbing once from the preset combo box will land you in a volume control
slider, which will let you make much more precise adjustments to the
sound file's volume.
Tip: Before you go to the volume dialog, enter the normalize dialog box
and choose the music preset. That sets a nice, general standard. Now, in
your speech file, normalize it, using the speech preset. Once that's
done, you can customize the volume all you like.
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Hello out there,
I know there is someone who uses Sound Forge quite well out.  If
possible, I need them to tell me how to change the mix volume for the
second file--that would be the music.  I'd really like to put some in
and would appreciate any help in this direction.
I thank you very much in advance,

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