[bct] Re: Sound Devices 722

  • From: The Scarlet Wombat <coconut@xxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 09:05:35 -0500

Hi Beth, Neal already demoed the SD 722, check the link on the site called Ultimate Recorder. I'd not want to duplicate his very fine efforts.

He did an excellent job of describing the machine, so well, in fact, that when I got mine, I knew the controls perfectly well. It does take a sighted helper at first to get the configuration set up as there are over 50 menus, but once set up, you can save the config. One could even get a series of compact flash cards and save different configurations to each one so you would have the luxury of setting different sets of parameters for voice, music and such. Plus, for important items, there are a number of hot key sequences that require no menu access.

I used the 722 in my Espresso podcast, and a Rode nt4 stereo microphone. The nt4 is a very fine microphone with a very low noise floor. In the first podcast, Scarlet Wombat, I used a Neuman TLM-103 mike, probably one of the finer microphones available for voice under $2500.

If you have the money, the SD 722 probably cannot be beat. They have a four track version for about double the money, but I did not really need that. My business, after all, is financial therapy, Neal's is recording and music, so he had a greater need than I did.


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