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Ah, I knew I would get my scotch some how.  If you are facing the front
of the recorder and feeling the battery, you will notice that there is
more space between the left hand end of the battery and the recorder
frame than there is on the right.  In this little crack is a little
button you press and then slide the battery toward the left and into the
blank space.  Of course, this is hard to do when you have something in
the blank space pressing the little button.  The battery just doesn't
want to slide over your hand or anything else that is in the way.  I
have finally figured out that I can use a house key to slip down inside
the crack, find the button, press it, and there is enough room to slide
the battery toward the key so it will actually release before it hits
the key. I use the back end of the key or the part that goes on the ring
and not the part that goes in the door.

You know, this reminds me of the day my  English teacher in college
asked us to write a paper on how to make a bed.  You don't think that is
such a hard assignment until you start talking about things like pulling
the sheets up at a 45 degree angle and placing the top of them just
below the hem of the mattress pad, or something like that.  And you
wonder how people who do video descriptions can find the words to
explain things to people who don't see.  The truth is, they often don't
do such a hot job given that they are having to describe things for both
people who have seen and people who have never seen.

OK, I'll be expecting the scotch to show up any minute.  And don't come
crying to me if those little fingers come out of the back of your
recorder, snatch your house key and run off with it.  <smile>


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Okay, how many bottles of Scotch do I need to ante up to learn the
of removing the stubborn battery.  It attached just fine, but thinks it
there to stay and refuses to come out.  Little fingers came out and 
attached themselves to the recorder and it screams like a Banshee when I

try to remove it.


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