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Neal, and anyone, for someone who ordinarily does not usually figure
something out, can anyone give any insite about the Beringer UB802 mixer
and best way to use it

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Beth, you can cut the bottom end of the frequency spectrum but you can't
raise the treble.  The only way you could do karaoke is to buy the 4
track version.  What's nice about this recorder, at least for sound
purists, is that it is dedicated to giving you the best quality
recording you can possibly get.  It does have a lot of neat features,
but the developer assumes that you have a way in your studio to do a lot
of other things like changing the treble, mixing others sounds into the
recording etc.  The battery, by the way, is quite easy to change.


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Hey, Neal, enjoyed your cast on that recorder.  Can you alter bass and
treble as you can on the Edirol R1 and how about center cutting for
karyoke and can these functions be done without sighted help?  Is the
battery any easier to extract on the SD than on the Edirol?  Beth

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