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Hi Neal and all:

Could you explain phantom power? I am hearing a lot about it these days.

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Dan, OK, so you don't want to know about how to remove the battery.  I
was going to tell you, but you evidently don't need to know. <smile>
Just wait until you have an extra battery.  By the way, the batteries
come in three different sizes and each is a bit thicker than the next
one.  I don't remember what the largest one gives you but I think it's
something like 10 hours even using phantom and a lot more hours if you
are not using phantom power.


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Beth, the battery on the 700 series is right there on the back, but I
have not figured out how to remove it, though it is rechargable and you do
not need to.

There is a bass rolloff function that is useful to get rid of what is called proximity effects from condenser microphones, but real
equalization should be done in a program like sound forge.

I can't answer about the CENTER CUTTING AS I would not need it.


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