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Thanks Mary

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Well, it's just a mixer. It's got two monaural channels which can be 
accessed via either regular 1/4-inch jacks or XLR jacks. The headphone
is the right-most one on the top row. I am not sure what some of the
jacks are except there appear to be two sets of two stereo channels;
few items on the first three rows are:
row 1: XLR, 2 jacks
second row: 1/4 inch monaural mic inputs; these can also be used for
third row: small knobs to adjust the monaural input volume

Not sure where the stereo inputs are; they may be to the right of the 
monaural inputs on the second row. They can also be used for line in.

The knobs below the rows of jacks adjust the following:
first three rows below the monaural volume knobs: 3-band EQ fourth row:
effects processing fifth row: pan, left or right; this means the
placement of the signal in the 
stereo field
sixth row: volume for the channels
rightmost knobs on bottom row:
headphone volume (second from right) and
master volume for the mixer itself (right most on bottom row)

Haven't figured out where the outputs are except on the right side
there's a 
set of two for mixer to tape, and another for output from tape to mixer.

That's all I know so far.

Shane Jackson's podcast number 18 has a small demo of some of these 
features. I think his podcast is at


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