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I like my Turtle Beach a lot better. Jaws isn't as bright sounding, but you don't get those odd upsample artifacts or the eloquence studder that is probably caused by such. I think eloquence runs at 11225 or something and SB has to upsample to 48k so that's 4 times as much random data that has to be made as what was in the audio originally. I found it to do badly when other programs were open that used audio like winamp, which sends 44.1 standard CD quality.

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Hi Don,

I'm going to be trying out a M-Audio
Audiophile 192 on Monday or Tuesday.  You can get the Audiophile 24-96 for

I've never used the Turtle Beach cards, but years ago I often heard that
they were better than Sound Blaster.  I'm lucky because the brother of a
friend of mine only wants $50 or my Sound Blaster Audigy in exchange for the
M-Audio card and, I get to try it for a while before I decide if I like it.


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It looks like I will have to get a new sound card to properly record voice/screen reader podcasts as the Sound Max just isn't cutting it. I have always had Sound Blaster cards, but keep hearing great things about Turtle Beach cards. Can anyone give me some reasons to get a Turtle Beach card instead of a Sound Blaster?



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