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The MZB100 makes great recordings.  Its speaker is small which limits
playback fquality, of course, and there are four one-button easily
accessible E Q settings, the first of which is thin sounding.  The
second is flat and sounds great.  The third and fourth position add base
boost.  I just keep my unit in the flat position, though it is easy to
move around in these settings.  These settings don't affect the fine
recording quality of the unit.

BTW, I also have a Net 1 Minidisc which allows quick transfer of albums
to the unit from the computer.  Simple Burner, the program that
accomplishes this is very scriptable with Jaws.  In Simple Burner it is
a snap to delete tracks made on a minidisk or the whole disk can be

Edward Alonzo's podcast was helpful, and I'll look forward very much to
Don Ball's submission.

Rob Fairclough

Judy wrote:
. unless I have the model number wrong, he uses it on air. I'll ask him
get back to the list.


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Hi Judy,
Is your friend actually using it for interviews that goes on air? The
reason i ask is that i once heard the sound this unit produces and i
found it to be very thin and schreeky. I do hope i'm wrong, because it
would indeed be a cool unit to have if the sound quality was good.


Judy W wrote:
> I have a friend who has this unit and uses in his work for the BBC but
> was my impression that it isn't being sold at this time. I could be
> wrong.
> Judy
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> Don, is this unit still available?  If so, from where.  Someone did a
> podcast on this earlier and I thought someone said just the other day
> that it did not record in stereo.  Perhaps what they said is that the
> microphone didn't record in stereo.  Can this be done?
> Neal
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> Be looking out for my upcoming review of the MZB100 mini disc recorder
> as an
> accessible device. We all love pod casting devices but this recorder
> many uses for the blind.
> It is the only adequate replacement for the APH recorder in my
> In this review I will look at this recorder in terms of accessibility
> for
> the high-tech as well as the low-tech person. I will compare the
> to a
> cassette recorder and show how easy it is to use. When I am through I
> hope
> you will want this   recorder for it's many benefits including Nature
> recording, note taking, and recordings of reminders and meetings. I
> even recorded music sessions with it. The fact that you can buy the
> storage media for a dollar a disc is also nice.
> I will try to make this review fun with some of the many recordings I
> have
> made with it over the past several years.

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