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Hi Judy,
Is your friend actually using it for interviews that goes on air? The reason i ask is that i once heard the sound this unit produces and i found it to be very thin and schreeky. I do hope i'm wrong, because it would indeed be a cool unit to have if the sound quality was good.


Judy W wrote:
I have a friend who has this unit and uses in his work for the BBC but it
was my impression that it isn't being sold at this time. I could be very


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Don, is this unit still available? If so, from where. Someone did a podcast on this earlier and I thought someone said just the other day that it did not record in stereo. Perhaps what they said is that the microphone didn't record in stereo. Can this be done?


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Be looking out for my upcoming review of the MZB100 mini disc recorder as an accessible device. We all love pod casting devices but this recorder has

many uses for the blind.
It is the only adequate replacement for the APH recorder in my opinion.
In this review I will look at this recorder in terms of accessibility
the high-tech as well as the low-tech person. I will compare the MZB100
to a
cassette recorder and show how easy it is to use. When I am through I
you will want this   recorder for it's many benefits including Nature
recording, note taking, and recordings of reminders and meetings. I have
even recorded music sessions with it. The fact that you can buy the
storage media for a dollar a disc is also nice.
I will try to make this review fun with some of the many recordings I
made with it over the past several years.

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