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MessageOkay Neal, here I come to the rescue, sort of.  First things first.  I 
would go to:
and click on the help link in the navigation bar.  There's a support page from 
which you can select your model and then get what you need in the way of 
software...I think that's how that works anyhow.

    Next, you asked if the software screws up other things on your computer.  
No, it does not; although, I need to add one very important little detail.  
When you first run Sonic Stage, it will, as most media software will do, offer 
to play everything on your computer.  You'll be happy to know that the boxes 
you're supposed to check and uncheck are clearly accessible; and, Sonic Stage 
will obey those settings.  Okay, now the fun part.  You ask whether it is 
possible to transfer audio from the minidisc to your computer.  Yep, it sure 
is, and, it's so easy, you won't need the Scotch to do it.  Here's how it's 

1.  Make sure your device is connected to the PC.

2.  Now, enter the software in the usual manner.

3.  Next, press alt+v to access the view menu.

4.  Now, go down till you hear, "transfer submenu...".

5.  Press enter here.

6.  Next, go down till you hear "high md".

7.  Press enter here.

8.  The disc will spin up and you will then be taken out of the menu bar.

9.  Next, press alt+e to access the edit menu.

10.  Now, go up until you get to the devices menu.  

11.  Next, press enter on this.

12.  At this point, select "high MD".  Again, you will be taken out of the menu 

13.  Next, go back in to the edit menu by pressing alt+e.

14.  Now, go down to the "device info" selection and press enter on it.  You 
will see a dialog which, if you read using the JAWS curser will show you 
information such as how much space you've used up on the disc and how much is 
left; and, if relevant, whether it's a high MD or else a standard MD.  Note 
that if it's a high MD, standard will not show.  Within this dialog, you will 
see an "initialize disc" button.  This is actually a dialog.  Press enter here.

15.  Next, you will be warned that the action you are about to take will erase 
all audio and other data from the disc.  Say yes to this prompt.  

16.  Next, You will get a second warning of the same type.  Say yes to it also.

17.  At this point, you will be informed that tracks can be transferred only 
once and do you really want to do this.  Say yes here also.

18.  Now, the process will begin; however, it will be interrupted by a special 
property sheet which will have a dialog informing you that "tracks which have 
been recorded with a microphone or line in can be saved as .wav files".  You 
will observe two check boxes which, by default, be unchecked.  The first box is 
the one which will allow you to save the files from disc to .wav files.  Check 
it.  The second check box will say "Don't show me this again".  It will also be 
unchecked by default.  Deal with this one as you please; but, be cautioned, I 
have not as yet found any way to get back in to this dialog once the box is 
checked.  You will also observe a "browse" button for selecting the folder in 
to which you wish the .wav files transferred.    

19.  Now, when you click the okay button, the process will actually get 
underway.  You can keep tabs on the percentage of transfer using the JAWS 

20.  Upon the conclusion of this process, you will be taken back to the 
initialize dialog.  That is the only way you know that it's done. 


Sincerely yours,
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Hi, Two questions.

1.  sometime back someone posted some information to the list about some of the 
minidisk recorders being shipped without the latest sonic stage software.  
There was a place listed that one could go to download the newest version 
without joining the sony forum.  Could someone who knows, tell me where that 
might be?

2.  Are there people who are currently using this software.  First of all, does 
it screw up anything else on your computer like iTunes did on my computer by 
making all other media playing software unusable?  Secondly, can you 
successfully move files from the recorder to your computer?

Thanks for answers to these questions.


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