[bct] Solving the JAWS crash word problem

  • From: "Neal Ewers" <neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Bct" <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 09:24:54 -0600

Hello all.  Well, the party is over.  My celebration is finally
finished, but the party may also be over for the person who is causing
all the trouble.  We are 99% sure we know who it is and we will now have
to decide what legal action, if any, we want to bring.
Here are some ways to avoid the problem from now on.

1.  The less we talk about it, the better.  This person gets off on
harming others and then reading about it.

2.  There is a Freedom Scientific fix for the problem.  Go to


and follow the instructions to update Eloquence.

3.  If you either don't want to do that or if you simply want to make
sure that you are not harmed by this in the future, you can always set
up a rule in your email client and have messages with the offending word
go into a spam box or whatever folder you decide to create.  Many email
clients will allow a string of characters to be used such that no matter
what the beginning or ending of the word, as long as the word contains
certain characters or numbers, all variants of that word should be
placed into the chosen folder.  We can try to help people who may not
know how to do this.

4.  Another way to perhaps avoid similar problems in the past is to read
your mail in the order of newest to oldest.  When I switched email
clients, this is how my list was organized and I discovered that I liked
it a lot.  There are good reasons to read mail in either way, but for
me, I like to read the most recent first.  In that way, I found out
about the problem before it bit me.  In addition, if there is a
discussion that goes on for a while and someone finds a solution, you
know about it right away and you don't have to read all the other
messages that talk about the problem.  Of course, you can certainly read
them, but you will know about the solution first.  I'm not suggesting
that people need to do this.  It's definitely up to you as to the order
in which you read your messages.  I simply offer this as an alternative.
5.  I know that if this continues, we will definitely consider legal
action.  If, in the meantime, you feel unsafe on the list, feel free to
drop off for a while.  We hate to lose you, but we would rather you be
safe than sorry.  We will inform people via a podcast when we have taken
care of the problem.  Then, perhaps, you will feel safer on the list and
hopefully you will return.  I will also do my best to inform people who
are newcomers to the list so that they can be protected.

6.  Just a reminder to try very hard to cut down our conversation on
this topic.  I am checking with FS about whether the Eloquence fix is
included in JAWS 7.1 and I will let you know as soon as I find out.

7.  The virtual party at my house is definitely on.  Thanks, Pam for
suggesting it.  Feel free to drop by at any time.  If there is any of
Pam's scotch left, I'll gladly offer you some, but Dan has already been
here, so don't hold your breath.
Now, let's try to move on.  I don't mean to suggest by saying this that
it is a minor thing and that we should simply avoid it.  But some people
get off on other people's suffering, and we can all help to diminish
that kind of sick enjoyment by letting the subject die out.

This is a great list.  Thank you to all of you for making it so.

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