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  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 22:11:28 -0600

Wow, sure is good living in Minnesota where the last big snow we have had in 
the past two months was 3 inches last week.  and, we just finished 40 plus days 
of above average temperatures.  This is amazing, all my friends out on the east 
coast are getting barried in snow, and we set up here in snow country with 
everybody complaining that there isn't enough snow, and canceling winter events 
for lack of cold weather for weeks at a time.

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: Hey Beth,
: We just listened to the snow report after watching the Olympic opening
: ceremonies and they say the snow is not going to start here till tomorrow
: evening.  Then, between Saturday evening and Sunday morning it is supposed
: to develop into a serious storm, dropping up to 12 inches or more.
: That's the story for now and I'm sticking to it.  (giggle giggle)
: Maria
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: > Hey, guys, please check in with snow reports through the storm.  I heard
: > that Memphis was getting it earlier today.  Of course, I think it was
: > Lynnette or Maria who said NYC was not getting it where they were.  No,
: the
: > person who told me hadn't poured herself anything, lol, and her TV was
: > working fine.  Beth
: >
: >

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