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  • Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 05:01:36 -0700

Thanks a lot, Ray. I'm new at this so please forgive the annoying and obvious 
Thanks and best regards, Jamie
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  Let me answer.  What this means is that a person who has added you to their 
contact list; Dug for example, is asking you to authorize him to see when you 
are online so he can call you.  There are a number of check boxes you can 
select from and then press the okay button.  

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  From: M. Dimitt 
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  Subject: [bct] Skype details

  Hi, Doug:
  What does "request details" mean on skype? I see your name pop up with this 
message and just want to know what it means.
  Sincerely, Jamie

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