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  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:32:03 -0800

Greetings Dana.

Actually, assuming that everyone whose participating in the conference
is on a broadband connection, there really aren't any horrible delays.
There are occasional spurts of 5 to 10 second lag, but for the most part
it's usually 1 second, if any. It's a really amazing technology, and we
should use it to our advantage.


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Hi Kai:
Not a bad idea but if the usual delay accompanies the skype service it
will be funny listening, lol!

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> Greetings All.
> I think it'd be really awesome for as many as the BCT listeners as
> possible to learn how to use Skype, that way we could have Larry
> a BCT episode, where a few of us listeners can join him. We've been
> hearing from different listeners separately... But why not throw us
> together and podcast the results?
> Kai

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