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There is also gizmo, but to get an account, you have to use that terrible 
visual verification thing.
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  I use Skype every day and could hardly imagine life without it.  If you have 
a broadband connection, you won't find much out there that equals Skype's voice 
chat quality.  If you only use it to talk from computer to computer, you won't 
incur any additional costs.  If you like the program, you might then consider 
purchasing additional Skype services such as voice mail or "Skype Out," a 
service which lets you call telephones all over the world from your computer.  
The program is quite accessible, too.

  Good luck!


  At 03:51 PM 2/21/2006, you wrote:

    Hi everyone!
    I was thinking of joining Skype, but I'm not sure yet. If you have an 
opinion on Skype, I would very much like to hear it. Thanks alot.
     Sincerely, Jamie

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