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Hi Gary,
Simply press Alt-C and enter on the name that's in the list. I think there's a shortcut way as well, and I'm certain someone will chime in with it. <smile>

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I've just started using skype myself and I agree it's fantastic quality. I
haven't installed any scripts as I'[m not sure there are any available for
the current release of the skype software (version 2). One thing I can't
quite work out is how to answer a call when someone rings me?

If anyone wants to add me to their skype contacts my login name is

Gary O'Donoghue

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Hi Jamie, Well, for what it's worth, i think skype is very very good. The sound quality when talking between computer users is just excelent, way better than many phone programs out there, and i think that it's an extra plus to be able to call phone users around the world for a local fee. /Krister Skype: thecount63

M. Dimitt wrote:
Hi everyone!
I was thinking of joining Skype, but I'm not sure yet. If you have an
opinion on Skype, I would very much like to hear it. Thanks alot.
 Sincerely, Jamie

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