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Jenny, the least expensive single point stereo Audio Technica microphone
I know of is the AT822 microphone that sells for about $350.  The
individual mike capsules are fixed at 120 degrees which gives a very
nice stereo separation.  You can hear it demonstrated on the podcast I
did on Microphone Placement.  It is the one I was using when my family
was playing the word game.  Now, because I deal with mostly professional
audio, I cannot swear that they don't make something less expensive, but
this is the one I know of.  It has a signal to noise ratio of about 73
DB and I believe the in ear mikes from sound professionals is at about
62.  This means that the Audio Technica mike will have about 11 DB less
noise in the mike itself.  To give you a pointer, Since DB ratings are
logarithmic, 11 DB less sound will give you a noise that is about 28.8%
of the noise of the sound professional mikes.  The other thing IL like
about the AT822 is that it requires only a double A battery which is
supposed to last for about 3000 hours.  And, it has a bass roll off
switch to get rid of low frequency sounds which really does cut down on
the likelihood of being distorted.
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All right, I have another question for the audio experts on the list.
let's say I want a single point stereo microphone, with a relatively low
amount of internal noise, clear sound, one that has a pick up pattern
good for recording things such as family gatherings or small
conferences.  What would be my most affordable option of decent quality.
I'm not looking to record an aunt fart or anything.  to give you an
idea, Amazon.com is selling several audio technica microphones, some of
them for around $100 to $150 or so.  Can someone familiar with audio
technica recommend a mic in that price range?

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