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After 39 years of continuous employment, I was able to retire with a comfortable pension through the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, and the Lord has given me good general health over the years (I will be 60 in September). My wife and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in July, and our first grandchild, our younger son's daughter Tristen will be 2 in September. Shaun (24) and his wife Melissa live in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, which is about an hour and a half from our home in Springfield. Our "adopted" daughter Marci and her husband Gary live in Columbus, and our older son Tom (27) and his wife Amber live in a rural area within about a ten minute drive from our home. Marci came to us when we were her court-appointed shelter care home in 1995 when she was 16. My wife home schooled her with our older son through high school, and she considers us as Mom and Dad, though she is not legally adopted. I walked her down the aisle at her wedding in May 2005, and that was a great joy for me. Family and the body of Christ can now have an even larger share of my time since I no longer have the demands of a management position. But I don't consider "retirement" to be more than my main source of income. I want to be "employed" by continuing to find interesting and fruitful endeavors as long as the Lord allows me the strength and imagination to be productive. While my boys were still young, I was active on the local and state levels in the organized blind movement (about ten years), and was active in the local Lions Club for about eight years. By the mid 1980"s, Family and local church responsibilities finally won the competition for my spare time after work. I am still adjusting as I have been out of my office since November 2003, and my family has expanded with three spouses and the first installment of the next generation. It seems now, that I am also re-familiarizing myself with the blind community, and I am thoroughly enjoying the interaction available through the cyberspace pipeline.

Mike Justice,
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With all you do, are you really retired? Sounds like you're doing more now,
but you're probably enjoying it all to the max.


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Our ability to discern the presence or absence of an "aura" is only
important to me if, as a  part of God's creation, it can benefit His
purposes.  There are many phenomena that can be useful for mankind in
science or industry, and God has allowed a wide variety of people to
those resources which He has supplied.  As Sarah said, we have a spirit
(that which lives on forever after the body turns to dust).  Our creator
has given us a means to secure eternal life (not eternal separation from
source of life) for our spirit, and for a new body. No one who has that
body will have blind eyes, and that is why I consider my blindness as a
temporary light affliction.  Compared to eternity, our physical life is
a vapor that appears for a little time, then vanishes away.  While I am
still in the body, I want to acknowledge my Lord in all aspects of my
and my sure hope is in being with him when this life is over.

Thank you for the belated congratulations on my retirement, and I return
congratulations to you likewise for yours. When I returned to work from
rehab in 1974, I was the Assistant Wastewater Treatment Plant
Superintendent. In August of 1975 I was promoted to Plant Superintendent,
and that is the position I held for 28 years until my retirement. There
were stresses (as you mentioned) associated with the job, and since the
plant operated 24/7, I was only totally off-duty if I was on vacation.
plant had an administrative staff of four, a laboratory staff of five, an
operations staff of seven, and a maintenance staff of eight.  The plant
grounds covered twenty acres, with a dozen buildings, and large outdoor
process tanks.  On balance, I enjoyed my job, and had good working
with the two supervisors under me, other City staff, and the vendors and
consultants who called on the plant.  Before I retired, I evaluated all
phases of plant expansions and other projects during my tenure, the staff
and policy changes in the City organization over the years, and determined
that it was time for me to make room for younger people to move into
leadership positions.

During my first year of retirement, I managed all of my younger son's
financial affairs while he was in Kuwait with the Army National Guard.
he returned after thirteen months of service, we had his car totally paid
off, along with all other debts.  In April 2004, I helped a ministry that
support in India to set up their first web site, and a month later I
my own web site. We converted our two desktop computers to WindowsXP, and
added a laptop for my wife, with all three computers having Internet
connection through a wireless hub. In January of 2005, my older son and
wife moved in with us for about three months while we helped them recover
from property damage after some river flooding at their home. My wife has
post-polio syndrome, wears braces on both legs, and tutors a home school
curriculum from our home. I recently designed an integrated
automatic-calculating Excel gradebook for her. Maintaining and expanding
web site is my main daily activity, but I also serve as support for
Carolyn's Greenhouse School with everything from Administrator to janitor
duties.  I am still open to other projects that God may have in His plans
for me.

Mike Justice,

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Yes! I know and love what you spoke of in your message; I think that
 exist, since they have been photographed under scientific conditions; it
 took me a while to accept that, since I thought they were a bit too new
 but they can't be written off that way because, under the right
 they are there. As you said, they are a different kind of light than the
 eternal one you speak of. There are a number of us Christians on this
 list--you, me, Shane, and I think Lino also.

 Thanks for the web sites; I shall check them out.

And belated congratulations on your retirement! You certainly worked
 than I did; but isn't it great to be finished with all that stress?


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