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With all you do, are you really retired?  Sounds like you're doing more now,
but you're probably enjoying it all to the max.


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> Mary,
> Our ability to discern the presence or absence of an "aura" is only
> important to me if, as a  part of God's creation, it can benefit His
> purposes.  There are many phenomena that can be useful for mankind in
> science or industry, and God has allowed a wide variety of people to
> those resources which He has supplied.  As Sarah said, we have a spirit
> (that which lives on forever after the body turns to dust).  Our creator
> has given us a means to secure eternal life (not eternal separation from
> source of life) for our spirit, and for a new body.  No one who has that
> body will have blind eyes, and that is why I consider my blindness as a
> temporary light affliction.  Compared to eternity, our physical life is
> a vapor that appears for a little time, then vanishes away.  While I am
> still in the body, I want to acknowledge my Lord in all aspects of my
> and my sure hope is in being with him when this life is over.
> Thank you for the belated congratulations on my retirement, and I return
> congratulations to you likewise for yours.  When I returned to work from
> rehab in 1974, I was the Assistant Wastewater Treatment Plant
> Superintendent.  In August of 1975 I was promoted to Plant Superintendent,
> and that is the position I held for 28 years until my retirement.  There
> were stresses (as you mentioned) associated with the job, and since the
> plant operated 24/7, I was only totally off-duty if I was on vacation.
> plant had an administrative staff of four, a laboratory staff of five, an
> operations staff of seven, and a maintenance staff of eight.  The plant
> grounds covered twenty acres, with a dozen buildings, and large outdoor
> process tanks.  On balance, I enjoyed my job, and had good working
> with the two supervisors under me, other City staff, and the vendors and
> consultants who called on the plant.  Before I retired, I evaluated all
> phases of plant expansions and other projects during my tenure, the staff
> and policy changes in the City organization over the years, and determined
> that it was time for me to make room for younger people to move into
> leadership positions.
> During my first year of retirement, I managed all of my younger son's
> financial affairs while he was in Kuwait with the Army National Guard.
> he returned after thirteen months of service, we had his car totally paid
> off, along with all other debts.  In April 2004, I helped a ministry that
> support in India to set up their first web site, and a month later I
> my own web site.  We converted our two desktop computers to WindowsXP, and
> added a laptop for my wife, with all three computers having Internet
> connection through a wireless hub.  In January of 2005, my older son and
> wife moved in with us for about three months while we helped them recover
> from property damage after some river flooding at their home.  My wife has
> post-polio syndrome, wears braces on both legs, and tutors a home school
> curriculum from our home.  I recently designed an integrated
> automatic-calculating Excel gradebook for her.  Maintaining and expanding
> web site is my main daily activity, but I also serve as support for
> Carolyn's Greenhouse School with everything from Administrator to janitor
> duties.  I am still open to other projects that God may have in His plans
> for me.
> Mike Justice,
> www.MPNHome.net
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>  Mike,
>  Yes! I know and love what you spoke of in your message; I think that
>  exist, since they have been photographed under scientific conditions; it
>  took me a while to accept that, since I thought they were a bit too new
> age;
>  but they can't be written off that way because, under the right
>  they are there. As you said, they are a different kind of light than the
>  eternal one you speak of. There are a number of us Christians on this
>  list--you, me, Shane, and I think Lino also.
>  Thanks for the web sites; I shall check them out.
>  And belated congratulations on your retirement! You certainly worked
>  than I did; but isn't it great to be finished with all that stress?
>  Mary

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