[bct] Re: Shouldn't my cast be there?

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It's up now. Sorry it takes so long, but someone has to listen to it, describe it, and enter the info into the database, and I can really only do this early in the mornings before work. I grab files and preview them during the day when I get a chance, but I can't always get them posted as quickly as one might wish at first. We're working on addressing these issues, though, so theoreticall, someone should be able to post and have it appear within a matter of hours instead of days as it is now.

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Nah don't worry about it bro... Sometimes it takes a few days for Larry
to get it up there...

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I submitted my cast yesterday and the cast hasn't come on yet. I could've sworn it was on the ftp site. Kombat-of-the-mortals-part1.mp3 was the name of the file. Someone update me... I'm beginning to feel that noone wants to post my podcast cus it sucked. ROFL!


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