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Hi Patrick,

I have several phones, but the one I'm using now is an Orange SPV C500.
The only oprograms that came with this phone are:


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On 5/28/2006, 1:29:25 PM EST, Geleidehond wrote:

> Do you know a program for sending SMS text messages from pc using a 
> bluetooth connected mobile phone?

Depends on which phone you have I suppose.
If you have a Nokia phone (non 3600/3620/3650/3660 and possibly n-guage as
they are old, and PC suite doesn't work over bluetooth with these phones),
you can do this with PC Suite. This is how I had to send and receive SMS for
a long time with my 6610 an a data cable before I got a phone that runs

Different phone manufacturers have their own proprietary software to do
this. Motorola, for example, charges for theres, and you don't get it by
default in most cases.

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