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Hi Neal,
I completely agree with you in being concerned about starting some argument
about which screen reader is best.  As you say, by far most people will
always say the one they use is best because that is the only one they know
well enough to get stuff done.  Very few people master more than one well
enough to meaningfully judge the relative value.  I have found that a lot of
folks who are doing very high-level computer work such as students in
engineering and other complex areas, find that it is almost necessary to own
both of our main screen readers for the U.S.  One will perform better in a
given area than the other.  Of course, people will correctly say "who can
afford one, much less two", and that is truly a problem.  However, it just
wouldn't be possible for us to have the high-level of screen access without
the work that the companies have done and they wouldn't be around without
charging enough to stay in business.  
Anyone trying to decide which program to put their resources into should
consider several factors.  Which one are people they interact with using,
which one is used at schools or agencies that they frequent, what kind of
training and support do they have access to, and, in some cases, what
specific software is important for them.  
I have works extensively with two screen readers for over ten years and I
find that most tasks can be handle equally well with either one.  The main
differences have to do with the feel which gets back to what you are most
familiar with.  My favorite is still the one that I first earned and became
used to.  

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I truly hope we are not going to get into a dialog about which screen reader
is best.  What we will find is that people like the one they use.  They all
do well in some things and not well in others.  There are also many other
lists devoted to them.  I understand that if someone wants to make a podcast
on a particular screen reader's ability to work with a particular program,
then we will go down this path, but I see no reason to start it just for the
sake of having something to talk about.  I have seen it split up too many
lists of people who normally get along until they start fighting over which
screen reader is best.  Answer, the best screen reader is the one any person
decides to use for the things they need them for.

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Hy all,
I have always wondered which screen reader is rated as the best.  I have
tried all 3 of the main ones and hear are my thoughts.
JFW: Works good with applications that it has been configured to work with
otherwise pritty poor.
Hal for windows:  I find this one quite cumbersom and auquad to use and not
very intuative.
Window eyes: my currant screen reader, good with programs it has been
configured and not bad on other programs, it is stable and quite flexable.
So their we havit please feel free to comment.  I am not going to get into
the pricing of these screen readers on this email otherwise the soapbox will
be well and truly in use. 

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