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Well said and very true... Being a teacher of technology myself, and
even though I teach certain products, I won't push what I like or use
the most on someone, rather I will show them several programs/devices
that are made for the same task and let them decide which one fits there
needs. It is for this reason that I would never make a good salesman!

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I truly hope we are not going to get into a dialog about which screen
reader is best.  What we will find is that people like the one they use.
They all do well in some things and not well in others.  There are also
many other lists devoted to them.  I understand that if someone wants to
make a podcast on a particular screen reader's ability to work with a
particular program, then we will go down this path, but I see no reason
to start it just for the sake of having something to talk about.  I have
seen it split up too many lists of people who normally get along until
they start fighting over which screen reader is best.  Answer, the best
screen reader is the one any person decides to use for the things they
need them for.

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Hy all,
I have always wondered which screen reader is rated as the best.  I have
tried all 3 of the main ones and hear are my thoughts.
JFW: Works good with applications that it has been configured to work
with otherwise pritty poor.
Hal for windows:  I find this one quite cumbersom and auquad to use and
not very intuative.
Window eyes: my currant screen reader, good with programs it has been
configured and not bad on other programs, it is stable and quite
So their we havit please feel free to comment.  I am not going to get
into the pricing of these screen readers on this email otherwise the
soapbox will be well and truly in use. 

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